What Empowered Education Consultancy can offer you

At EEC we deliver results across all key educational fields:Teaching/ learning, planning,
curriculum coordinating, senior leadership, headship, trainer, mentoring, Special needs,
safeguarding, child protection, multi agency coordination, policies, following DfE guidance,
project management, risk assessment, problem solving, budgeting.

For Learners

  • Support and coaching for education, encompassing person-centred support. Empowering young students, supporting them in their education and in their life beyond school.
  • KS1/2 SATS assessment preparation
  • Individual academic support from a personal tutor, proactively identifying and respond to the needs of students
  • Group tutoring work with clients to solve their problems using education theory
  • Home School academic support for learners
  • Online and in person teaching
  • Support with organisational skills
  • Advice for parents on how best to support their child’s learning at home.
  • Specific support for children needing to improve their study skills, and their revision skills for tests and exams, is delivered primarily through targeted individual tutoring with JK tutors who are experts in this area.
  • Functional Skills L1 tutoring
  • Fun and creative holiday workshops

For Parents

  • Practical advice
  • Academic information and advice
  • Home School academic support for parents
  • Workshops
  • Emotional support

For the School and Teachers

  • Student teacher mentoring, support and advice
  • Staff training and workshops
  • Policy writing
  • Logistical support in staffing and timetables

Teaching Philosophy

Every child can learn and achieve. Support, consistency, assessment and monitoring empowers the learner. A child or young person must be comfortable and safe, especially emotionally, before they can learn. I hold Maslow’s theory on the hierarchy of needs as an essential pillar to my teaching philosophy. Ensuring the fundamental needs of a young person are met before they access learning. The key to my teaching philosophy is that the young person is motivated, engaged and excited to learn. I keep the young person’s needs at the centre and heart of my teaching. I am keen to engage the young person in teaching activities and ensuring they are motivated and ready to learn, being flexible with teaching to suit their needs. I am a strong believer in planning, monitoring and sessing children continuously to ensure academic and confidence growth.

Principles and focus

• Gather, disseminate and share best practice
• Present ideas and solutions in an effective way
• Work with teachers, leaders and organisations
• A professional code of ethics and remain impartial.
• Organising and facilitating events and workshops
• Developing teaching and learning materials

• Creating new teaching and assessment strategies
• Delivering materials to a group or individual that needs particular support
• SEN support
• Curriculum development
• Fun learning

Customer Review

A Shiraz

Naheed is an amazing teacher. She is an active, punctual and highly skilled teacher. She is very good with kids. Teaches kids in a very fun loving and good manner. A very kind, patience, humble and a good hearted person I know. Also a compassionate and creative person. Highly recommended.

S Khanom

Naheed is dynamic, intuitive and excellent in her teaching style. I have worked alongside her with challenging students with high needs, PDA, SEMH. She is driven, extremely patient and uses her knowledge of pedagogies for effective teaching and learning. She is able to motivate disengaged learners and her compassionate nature and creative abilities make her a special teacher indeed.

I Charles

My daughter is always looking forward to her lessons. We started about a month ago, already we have seen more confidence in her English and Maths. Naheed teaches really well and explains in a way that is easily understood. I would recommend her for tuition to anyone.